What are the Lightest Golf Stand Bags

Walking the links as you carry your bag is probably the way most of us started out playing golf. However, over the years, we have most likely joined ranks with those who choose to ride. For a healthy change, why not resolve to ride less and walk more carrying your clubs?

Even if you are not a golf purist, you might enjoy walking the links from time to time without wrecking your back or breaking the bank. What you need is a light golf bag stand. If you have a light golf bag with a feather-light stand, you can walk the course and enjoy the game and health benefits that come from the exercise.

Top 6 Lightest Golf Stand Bags

We have reviewed golf bag stands that are comfortable and light while still being durable and able to carry all your clubs and golf accessories. Following are the top 6:

Sun Mountain 2020 2.5+ – High-end 14-way Golf Bag and Stand

Sun Mountain 2020 2.5+ - High-end 14-way Golf Bag and Stand

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This 14-way bag stand weighs in at just under three pounds (2.95) and is packed with some great features, including the thick and continuous foam used in the shoulder straps, which aid in the comfort of the bag. The top of the bag features ample sized 4-way dividers. Additional storage includes a full-size back zippered pocket along with a place on the side to store your accessories, including the all-important beverage as well as an umbrella holder and matching rain hood (although it never rains on the golf course).

The legs of the Sun Mountain are made from carbon fiber and ensure your bag remains upright regardless of the terrain. The X-Strap design of the bag makes for easy on and off. The Sun Mountain also backs their product with a one-year warranty.

Hyper Lite Zero by Callaway

Hyper Lite Zero by Callaway

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The 2019 Hyper Lite Zero by Callaway is super light and comes in at just 2.6 pounds. The full-length four-way dividers give you easy access along with ample space to store accessories and clubs. Designed to be lightweight, the Hyper Lite Zero uses a rugged nylon material and carbon fiber legs.

Side pockets on this bag are equipped with durable YKK zippers and a pocket to store golf balls that is adjustable. The bag also features pockets specifically designed to store your valuables, including one that is just the right size for your phone. Also included are an umbrella attachment and lift-assist grip. This is a quality, rugged, and light bag that comes in a number of colors (white, black, navy, green, red, purple, titanium, and epic flash).

Shadow Fuse 304 by OGIO

Shadow Fuse 304 by OGIO

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One of the most important features of a golf bag that you will be carrying for several hours on the green is the strap system. It must be comfortable and not slip or move around when you are walking. OGIO bags use a system called “fit disk,” which allows for easy adjustment of the straps so that your bag will sit on your shoulders comfortably. The bag’s overall weight comes in at 4.2 pounds, which does not feel heavy due to the great strap system and how comfortable it is even after walking for several hours.

The four-way split at the bag’s top keeps your golf clubs separated while still providing easy access. The frame’s design includes a handle for carrying the bag that has been built right into the frame. You will not find a lack of storage compartments on this bag as it is equipped with several mid-sized pockets, one very large pocket that will easily fit a beverage, as well as a small pocket that is waterproof for storing your wallet, phone or other valuables. All of the compartments have been placed so that you can access them when walking. In addition, the bag comes with a rain cover so you can swiftly protect your clubs from inclement weather.

2020 Ultralight by Cobra

2020 Ultralight by Cobra

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Although this bag is on the larger side, it lives up to its Ultralight nomenclature weighing in at just 4.5 pounds. Coming with eight compartments, you will not come up short on places to stash your accessories. The CoolFlor hip pad is a great feature that adds to the breathable comfort of this golf bag. The Easyflex base provides stability and allows for max ground contact. Once activated, the Easyflex technology keeps your bag stable even when the weather is not.

The full length five-way top divider keeps your clubs organized and comes with a top grab handle. Store your wallet, phone, or other valuables in the side pocket and something to hydrate in the oversized compartment for your water bottle. In addition, you will not have an issue packing the extras you typically want to have on the course. Cobra has included a rain cover to keep your clubs dry. The strap’s quick-release design and utilization of Coolflow foam have proven to be quite comfortable.

Players 4 StaDry by Titleist

Players 4 StaDry by Titleist

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Weighing in at 3.8 pounds, this bag comes packed with features that make it a contender in our top six. Equipped with a full length four-way top divider and six pockets of varying size, including a very large apparel compartment, you will have no trouble stashing your gear. As the name suggests, this golf bag’s waterproof construction (including seam-sealed zipper compartments) gives it a leg up on the competition. With legs constructed of high-quality aluminum and a hinged bottom, you will get superior stability. The strap system is self-balancing and constructed of double density foam to ensure you keep comfortable as you walk the course.

2020 Flextech Lite Yarn Dye by TaylorMade

2020 Flextech Lite Yarn Dye by TaylorMade

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The Flextech Lite is the bag of choice for the TaylorMade fans who feel strongly about the TaylorMade name and want to carry their clubs and other accessories in this lightweight bag by their favorite brand. Although coming in at just over 4 pounds (4.1 to be exact), this golf stand bag is roomy and features the latest in technology by TaylorMade. One of the focal points of this bag is its collapsible base system with a smooth release to keep your clubs from wedging together.

The bags eight compartments provide plenty of storage space and are lined with micro suede material. The full-length four-way dividers keep your clubs organized, and the side pocket for a water bottle provides easy access to hydration. The anti-split stand system ensures your golf bag stays put regardless of the terrain, and the straps self adjust to keep your bag stable when moving about. The design also includes a lift assist grip for easy and more secure lifting along with a coordinating rain cover.

After a thorough review, our recommendation for the top of our top six is the 2020 Ultralight by Cobra. This bag has all the features a golfer could possibly want or need and still manages to live up to its “Ultralight” name. Incredible quality is evident in the construction of this stand bag. With not just one but two pockets for valuables, you can easily store your phone in one pocket and your wallet, keys, and other valuables in the other. The Easyflex technology will give you stability regardless of the topography. The quality you get for your money in this bag makes it tough to beat.

Freqeuntly Asked Questions

What can I expect to spend for a quality lightweight bag?

Golf is not an inexpensive sport, and this is reflected in the cost of entry for equipment like a good bag. On average, a good lightweight golf bag will run you somewhere around $150 to $250. Remember, you get what you pay for. And while you could probably find a bag for a lot less, you will probably not get the quality and durability that comes with the higher price tag and reputation of a good brand.

A good bag with a proven track record will be made from high-quality material. It will have compartments to handle your accessories, keep your clubs divided, and be comfortable and lightweight so you can walk the course without needing to see a chiropractor afterward.

How much should a “lightweight” bag weigh?

A bag considered lightweight should weigh no more than five lbs. The bags making our top six were all 4.5 lbs or less. Try to get the lightest bag you can, but you should probably not go lighter than 2.5 lbs, or you will find you do not have adequate space to stash your stuff, or the material is not of the best quality. Clubs, balls, water bottles, and other accessories all add up, which makes it important that your bag is as lightweight as you can get it without compromising on quality or storage. Walking 18 holes of golf with a bag that is loaded down and heavy can add undue stress to your back and shoulders.

What materials are most durable and long-lasting?

You cannot go wrong with a bag constructed of nylon and/or polyester. These materials stand the test of time and use, which is why manufacturers with great reputations continue to use them. Look over the quality of the zippered compartments as well. These get a lot of use, and you should be able to recognize high-quality and durability in the construction of these components. The best material for the golf stand is carbon fiber, as it is strong but very lightweight. Finally, make sure the straps are well made with cushioning for comfort and the ability to evenly distribute the weight of the bag to prevent unnecessary stress and strain.

Is there a certain number of pockets I should look for?

As a rule of thumb, you should make sure you have at least five pockets, but seven to eight would be better. A high-quality bag will have pockets that are easy to get into and provide protection for your valuables. Also important is a compartment for carrying hydration, and some bags even come with cooler compartments to keep things cool.

How about extra features?

Look for a bag that has three to five full-length club dividers. This will not only keep your clubs from jamming together, but it will also keep them more “quiet” when you are walking between holes as they won’t be clanging and jangling together.

Invest in a bag that comes with a dual strap system. The straps that are most comfortable are going to be wide and nicely cushioned. Carrying a bag that has two wide adjustable straps will help to keep your bag from shifting when you are moving and thus be more comfortable.

Another great feature is a built-in umbrella sleeve and a rain hood so that you and your clubs can take cover if the weather turns ugly and you find yourself walking in the rain.

Having a lightweight golf bag stand provides a number of benefits. One of the greatest of these is the healthy exercise you will get and the calories you will burn as you walk from green to green. Don’t be surprised when you notice weight loss and better muscle tone after just a few weeks.

Also, walking provides you with a much better feel for the course that is up close and personal. You will gain a whole different perspective of the course that can give you a leg up over other players.

If you regularly play golf, you are aware of how much it costs to rent carts or hire a caddie to carry your clubs. Think of the money you will save by carrying your own bag and not spending the money on a Cart golf bag. You can put the money saved toward a new driver, irons, or putter. Also, don’t forget the social aspect of the game and the opportunities to interact that more readily come when you play the game as it was originally intended.

To sum things up, we are convinced that our review of these lightweight bags provides you with all the tools you need to make a selection you will be happy with for years to come.

Our team at My Golf Cart Review continues to tirelessly work to give you the most current stats on the latest products and services in the great game of golf. If you have a product you would like to see us review, please let us know.

Lightest Golf Stand Bags