Although the coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on businesses all over the world and reduced revenue significantly, this doesn’t seem to be the case with golf as it continues to thrive. 

While most people have been forced to socially distance themselves at home, and avoid restaurants, night clubs, bars, and large gathering like parties and weddings, golf courses have been one of the few industries that have faired well during the Pandemic.

Back in the early days of the pandemic, golf course superintendents had to pull out their flag sticks, park their carts and close their shops, and there was no telling how things would end up. No one knew when it would be safe to return to the course.

Luckily, things have changed for the better after the first nonessential businesses, including golf courses, were allowed to reopen. Although some adjustments had to be made in order to ensure the safety of golfers and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people could go out and play a round of golf.

Golf During Pandemic

The number of rounds played is higher than it was in recent years, and many people who have never in their life golfed have decided to take up this sport. There’s an influx of new and younger players.

Since the number of golfers has increased, it would be expected to see equipment sales booming too. Sales of irons, wedges, balls, and gloves all set monthly sales records in July.

Golf is a socially distant sport by nature – players can go through an entire round without being within six feet of each other, which is a recommended distance we should keep to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Also, there’s no physical contact required, as is the case in team sports. People have become very comfortable playing golf since they don’t have to worry much about contact with other players and putting their health at risk. 

Because of the rule of social distancing, carts are also limited to one person (unless riding with immediate family members), or they have a plastic partition. A number of restrictions have also been put in place to avoid the touching of bunker rakes and flagsticks. It will be interesting to see recreational golfers who have been lift, cleaning, and placing their golf balls in the bunkers go back to reality and deal with the rules after we get through this Global Pandemic.

All of the adjustments to rules combined have resulted in the lack of interruption in recreational golf since the pandemic took hold.

Golf offers space and a much-needed distraction. Going out and spending a couple of hours on a golf course is a great mental release, as well as exercise. Exercising improves mood, sleep, happiness, and can even decrease anxiety, all of which is very important during the pandemic. 

Another reason why golf has thrived is that it gives people a much-needed sense of community, which is important since social gatherings are quite limited because of the coronavirus. It has also become much easier than ever to work in a round of golf since many people work from home and have more flexible schedules.

People are visiting golf courses for a variety of reasons, and nowadays, their primary focus isn’t achieving a perfect score; it is all about being together, having fun, exercising, and just getting outside. They have realized golf is about much more than just trying to get a ball into a hole.

Why Golf Has Thrived During the Corona Virus Pandemic