How To Improve The Basics Of Your Golf Swing

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Being able to swing the golf club properly is crucial in lowering your score. Even the slightest defect in your swing will cause the ball to hook or slice – either you will miss it altogether or hit the ball on the top. This is why you must improve your golf swing by practicing regularly. 

Several techniques can be used to enhance a golfer’s swing. We will try to answer the question of how to improve your golf swing quickly while keeping the golf swing basics in mind.

Use The Proper Sized Golf Clubs

Choosing the proper-sized club is essential if you want to improve your swing. It helps in keeping the correct form when swinging the club. The golf club should be of the same length as the distance to the ground from the tips of your fingers when your arms are placed at the sides. 

You need to practice swinging the club several times with the appropriate form. First, place your hands in the proper position on the club grip. The goal is to aid your swing and not decrease the power of your swing. 

Grip The Golf Club Properly

If you are right-handed, place your left hand on top of the club. After that, connect your left thumb with the small finger of your right hand. Now you can grab the club with your right hand. (If you are a left-handed person, you need to do the opposite of this using your opposite hand position.)

We could spend a lot of time in our golf swing basics with the grip as it is arguably the most important foundation of your golf swing. Make sure you are holding the club firmly, but you are not trying to squeeze the life out of the golf club. Your golf game does not improve by gripping firmer, and a grip that is too tight will result in less distance. Tension is a killer in golf swinging and your swing basics should include a simple way to remind you not to squeeze too hard.  

Once you have the club gripped properly, bend over from your waist to reach the ball. This position will help you comfortably connect the ball without any problem. 

Most people bend with their backs, but this is not the correct. It will not help improve your swing at all.  You need to keep the proper posture throughout the swing, and bending at your hips and maintaining this posture is going to help you draw the club back properly, and swing through the ball. Make sure you maintain that athletic posture throughout the swing.

Now, draw the club backward while the left arm is kept straight. The right arm should be bent at a 90-degree angle here. Once the club is brought up, make sure you take a pause at the height of your swing. Now drive the club forward. 

Turn Your Hips in your Golf Swing

Twist at your hips to gain maximum power when you swing the club. Keep your head down and your eye on the golf ball. If you lift your head, it will, in turn, cause you to lift the club and hit the top portion of your ball. You want to swing through the ball’s center and continue the swing until the club reaches the point of your left shoulder. 

Pick a Target and Swing To It

You need to have a relaxed mind when you drive the golf ball. Take a deep breath and calmly swing your club. Trying to hit the ball with all of your power will only ruin your swing. Remember, tension kills in the golf swing.

When we advise you to pick a target, we are not talking about aiming towards the center of the fairway. The proper golf approach shot will have you not picking out a tree, but rather, picking out a specific leaf on the tree in which to aim. Your golf swing, how you use your right arm, your upper body and the weight on your heels or toes all matter, but not nearly as much as defining your target line and swinging the club head at your intended target.

Our minds are amazing, and we are able to use some of the golf swing basics to get the ball in the air and on the way to its intended target. When you pick your target and commit to it, it will do more to improve your results than any of the other golf swing basics we covered earlier in this article.

Golf Swing Basics