It doesn’t matter if you are trying to protect yourself from wind, rain, snow, or the cold, a Golf cart enclosure is the best way to do it. A golf cart cover will turn your cart into a bit more of a protected vehicle and make it more functional on those rough weather days.

If you are not a fair-weather golfer, a golf cart enclosure is a must. There are a few things that are worth understanding before you choose the golf cart cover for you.

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Golf Cart Cover Buying Guide


Probably the most important thing to consider is the size of your golf cart. Look at the top of your cart and see if it is extended for a 4 seater or if it is just a 2 passenger golf cart. The covers for a 4 passenger golf cart and a 2 passenger golf cart are going to be quite a bit different, and you must make sure it will fit your cart. If you have a six-seater golf cart, there are select golf cart enclosures that will work.

Golf Cart Type

Many golf cart covers will fit the EZ Go and the Club Car Precedent golf carts, but they don’t always work with Yamaha golf carts. You cannot always go by the type of golf cart you have when deciding which cart cover will work for you.

Take an extra minute or two to measure the cover and make sure that it will properly protect your rear seat as well as the front seats.


A heavy-duty fabric on your golf cart cover is usually going to be the best choice. These thicker fabrics will do a better job protecting you from the elements, and they will experience less weather damage than other lighter material golf cart covers.

The only downside to the heavy-duty cart cover is that it will be a little warmer in the summer months. In some areas, it may make sense to remove the cover or roll the sides up completely when the weather is nice.


The price of golf enclosures for carts is going to vary quite a bit. There are so many different factors that you should consider such as if you need a cover for passenger golf carts, if the storage covers are for a Club Car, E Z Go, Club Car Yamaha, Marine grade, an Electric or gas golf cart, etc. You will also factor in other items like door enclosures, track style or velcro, heavy duty or high quality, and much more.

The differences that you will notice between the higher price and lower price covers are the high quality material, features, windows, and zippers as well. The expensive covers are going to have lots of different access points and higher quality zippers.

If you think that you will use your golf cart enclosure periodically and not every day, it is fine to spend less money on a cheaper cover. If this is something that you will leave on your cart each day, you may want to consider paying a little extra for the cart cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes The Best Golf Cart Enclosure?

There are many choices when you decide to purchase a golf cart cover. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure is known as being one of the top options on the market.

The Classic Accessories Golf Cart Enclosures will fit on a variety of EZ go, Club Car and Yamaha Golf Cart models. They are made with durable, water-resistant fabric and should hold up for quite some time.

Are Golf Cart Covers Worth It?

Golf Cart owners have lots of different choices when it comes to accessories for their golf carts. If you fully deck out your cart, the price is going to add up very fast. It’s important to consider what a golf cart cover will do for you after making the purchase.

If you can use it in the winter to expand your golf season or use it to take a ride to the club when it starts to rain, the golf cart cover makes a lot of sense. One of the best purchases you can make in addition to a cover is a Mr. Heater golf cart heater. The heater will keep the interior of your golf cart warm for hours. If you avoid the golf course at all costs when the weather turns poor, the cover may not be a great idea.

What Are The Most Important Features of A Golf Cart Cover?

The two most important features of a cart cover are the access points and the visibility. Making sure that you can see out of the golf car windows is a critical factor. Some cover us better fabric and plastics than others, and making sure you can easily see out of all sides of the cart is very important.

The other key factor is the access points. When you have a 4 passenger golf cart carefully, consider if you need people to access the back golf cart seat. Some track style enclosures have easy to use zippers where people can get in and out of the back, others will allow a driver and a front passenger to exit, and the back seat is just protected from the weather.

Some storage covers have a small zipper on the back that lets you get to your golf clubs when you are playing in cold or rainy weather. This is an important feature for the die-hard golfers that want to make sure they have access without disturbing their round of golf.


It doesn’t matter if you are trying to protect yourself from wind, rain, snow, or the cold, a Golf cart enclosure is the best way to do it. A golf cart enclosure will turn your cart into a bit more of a protected vehicle and make it more functional on those rough weather days. My Golf Cart Review hopes we have provided you with enough information to make an informed buying decision on your new cover.

Before you make your purchase, be sure that your cart is a standard size, and the golf cart cover will fit properly. Enjoy your extended golf season with your one of the best golf cart accessories on the market!

Golf Cart Enclosure Buying Guide