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Cutter wedge is one of the most recent designs for golfers, and with this cutter wedge review, we will make it easy for you to understand everything you need to know about this groundbreaking innovation.

The new cutter wedge makes you feel closer to the hole. The cutter wedge is designed in such a way that it allows for full contact, and you will be able to take consistent shots. The cutter wedge comes in an expansive shape that provides surface area maximization.

The cutter wedge comes with great promises as it helps the player to have a good hit on the ball, and it makes it easy to slice your shot.

If by chance you are having a challenge with your short game and you are tired of having to come out low with your shots or the ball doesn’t stop on greens, then the cutter edge is for you.

The very moment you decide to add the cutter edge to your golf bag is the moment you unlock a new high-level performance.

Unlike conventional wedges, cutter wedge comes with a radical but logical design, and it helps to glide through sands and rough surfaces with ease. With the conventional wedge, you will easily catch the sand and roughness, but it is not the same with the cutter wedge.

Overall, the cutter wedge easily stands out in its category because it projects the ball with a lot of accuracies and it doesn’t make the ball turn.

History of the cutter wedge

The cutter wedge was first designed by Dickie Walsh, who is an inventor and entrepreneur. This innovative idea struck Dickie Walsh when he was playing around with wedges. He realized that turning down the toe of the wedges improves the ability of the wedge to cut through the surface and dragging. Additionally, it readily enhances the size of the sweet spot. Dickie Walsh worked with Jeff Sheets, who is a renowned golf majors winner.

Pros of cutter wedge

  • The cutter wedge comes in a symmetrical shape with an optimized center of gravity.
  • The cutter wedge is easy to launch as well as being easy to align
  • It comes with a very thin leading edge that will allow you to launch the golf ball through the rough with ease.
  • The cutter wedge also does well by helping to reduce golf shots that spins off the line with a draw bias.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Cutter Wedge

Cutter wedge design

The cutter wedge, since its inception, has solved different problems that come with golfing. You can now boastfully hit your golf ball with accuracy, and you will love the weight distribution of the cutter wedge. With the cutter wedge, you can quickly get through the thicker rough and other different conditions approaching the green.

Imagine increasing the sweet spot of your game by a whopping 75%, yes, you heard me right. This is precisely what the cutter wedge is all about, thanks to the unique triangular shape of the cutter wedge.

Before opting to buy a cutter wedge, there are things to consider before you make a choice and they are listed below;

The innovative sole is one of the significant features to consider because the crescent-shaped sole of the cutter wedge helps to distribute weight accordingly to the center of the face, which allows for improved strikes and contact.

The alignment is also a thing to consider because the asymmetric face of the cutter wedge helps you to align correctly with the path of the ball.

The improved accuracy that comes with the cutter wedge should also be a reason to get this beautiful product.

Features and benefits of the cutter wedge

The cutter wedge is not just innovation for golfers, but it’s a force that is here to stays, and I am not just saying this because of this cutter wedge review but because I have witnessed it firsthand.

Cutting vs. Dragging

The cutter wedge is a complete beast when it comes to cutting vs. dragging because the cutter offers about 66% less leading-edge, and this is more than what an average wedge will give. You will easily cut through the rough vs. dragging with this innovative design. I like this feature because it will make the club feel incredible, and this is strictly because of the center balance of the cutter wedge.

The benefit of this feature is simple as it allows for the effortless swing, which makes it easy to cut through the turf. Again, thanks to the 66% leading ledge of the blade.

The Cutter Sole

The cutter wedge sole is like a secret weapon that is only known by the elite users of this groundbreaking technology. The weight distribution of the cutter sole is breathtaking because it evenly distributes weight to the center of the face, and this helps by enhancing your strike and contact with the ball. I love this feature, mainly because you are guaranteed a lesser miss-hit, and it helps to increase the center of gravity up in the clubface.

The cutter sole technology also offers a self-aiming functionality that will help you to improve on the intended ball flight. You can hit the ball with the help of the cutter sole to acquire a desired height for the ball. This is one of the features that makes it easy for me to love that I have this great technology.

Frequently asked questions

What Degree Wedge is Best for Chipping?

A pitching wedge can have a loft of about 45- 59 degrees and this is present in any standard iron set. Golf wedges are presented in various lofts, and this can get confusing when it comes to chipping because there is no designated degree for chipping. However, I will describe how best you can chip over the green. The best way to chip is to get the ledge low in a decent way without having to hit the ball with too much force so you can get the ball over the green. A pitching wedge can have a loft of about 45- 59 degrees and this is present in any standard iron set.

Why Do I Pull my Wedges?

You can continue to pull your wedges because of different reasons. Therefore, you need to check your alignment if it is correct. If it is not, you need to make corrections. Next is to check your wedge lie angles to make sure they are not too upright. Doing all of these will help you to stop pulling your wedges.


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The cutter wedge has solved a lot of problems attributed to golfing like accuracy default, short game default, and many more.

The cutter wedge innovation has been able to improve accuracy for golfers, and it has helped improve short games by allowing golfers to hit closer to the hole.

The cutter wedge is a great product to have in your golf bag, but if you are unable to get the cutter wedge, another product to invest your money in is the conventional wedge.

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Cutter Golf Wedge Review